Threat Safety Community of Practice

A community of leaders from the disciplines of quality, safety, security, and risk management have been brought together to undertake an integrated approach to the threats and risks to their people, property, and reputations.  Launched in 2016, this community is hosting speakers from world class organizations.

Mayo Clinic Mortality Review Presentations March 1, 2017
at the Texas Medical Center Threat Safety R&D Community of Practice

Dr. Jeanne Huddleston presents two back to back sessions regarding the breakthrough work she and her colleagues at the Mayo Clinic have that have had enormous impact on improving quality across their system. She shared learnings on their journey of a detailed data analysis and stories of more than sequential 10,000 patient deaths. She shared the lessons learned through the development and evolution of the Mayo Clinic Mortality Review System and the opportunities to address issues of omission.

Mayo Mortality Reviews:  Next Generation Patient Safety

The presentation provides a detailed look at how the Mayo Mortality Review System evolved, their findings, and how barriers were overcome to develop it.

Run Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

Putting Mortality Reviews to Work – The Enormous Payoff!

The presentation provides a detailed outline and roadmap of how mortality reviews have been put to work at the Mayo Clinic and how other systems in Dr. Huddleston’s national collaborative are undertaking their journeys. The impact of the approach was presented using a comprehensive measurement and improvement approach.

Run Time: 1 hour 3 minutes