CareUniversity seeks to create a virtual cycle of shared value by tackling what is “slipping through the cracks” of traditional healthcare, nutrition, and wellness methods. By focusing on the generation of sustainable new behavior, we will leverage the greatest innovations of social, mobile, cloud, and global forces that can protect and enrich the lives of families.

Pilot Programs:

The following pilot programs are in various stages of development. Some are in their infancy and are education initiatives that are undergoing R&D with collaborative partners. When they are ready for full scale deployment, they will be introduced both through this website and with our collaborators.

CareMoms is a program specifically designed to help mothers with initiatives in both high and low socioeconomic segments. It provides just-in-time concepts, tools, and resources that can dramatically affect a family’s health and wealth. A micro-entrepreneurship program provides new income to “Master CareMoms” who train their families and friends.
Family CareLeaders is a program for the home family caregivers with no clinical training who are caring for someone at home. More than 27% of a typical population are caring for someone else with virtually no training.
CareBoards is a program specifically designed for trustees of healthcare organizations, who are the most important untapped power source in healthcare. It provides them with unique training in new leadership behaviors that will help them succeed in their communities.

CareKids is an initiative developed in partnership with the Conrad Foundation to sponsor innovations by and for children and their families. It leverages the inter-generational opportunities to rapidly overcome practical challenges.
CareLeaders is a program for professional caregivers, including nurses and pharmacists, which will allow them to earn Continuing Medical Education credits, licensure credit, and graduate education credits for learning how to help patients and families in ways not typically taught in their clinical training.
Med Tac Certification: Short for Medical Tactical, the Med Tac program tackles the most common causes of death of otherwise healthy children and youth from kindergarten through college ages. Ranging from after school programs for children through to Continuing Medical Education for physicians, the program teaches lifeline behaviors to prevent harm from the leading health hazards.