CareUniversity is a platform of programs and simple mobile training solutions to help families, home caregivers, and professional caregivers deal with the most common causes of preventable harm to children and adults.

Saving lives, saving money, and delivering value to the communities we serve.

We are committed to promoting bystander care for emergencies, patient safety, medical harm prevention, and professional identity protection through online courses, multimedia, webinars, documentaries, articles, and simple mobile applications.

CareUniversity is not a university or college. It is a content generator and training delivery system serving them.

We partner with higher education institutions and world class educators who will provide certificates, course credit, and maintenance of continuing education credits for consumers and professional caregivers.

CareU identifies frequent, severe, preventable, and measurable high impact care hazards, maps resources to these gaps, and employs the science of behavioral economics to develop programs that will teach lifeline behaviors that can reduce preventable harm.

CareMoms equips the chief family officers – today’s family decision-makers – to protect their family’s health and wealth.

CareKids provides children tools learn, to innovate, and develop solutions to protect and enrich their families’ lives.

Med Tac Programs are training solutions being piloted for home family caregivers and professional caregivers addressing the leading causes of death to children and adults from K through college and workforce.

CareLeaders is a program for professional caregivers – such as doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists – to earn continuing education credit as they learn to deliver better care to families. See Global Patient Safety Forum and SafetyLeaders

CareBoards equips governance leaders and trustees to improve the care of their organizations through on-demand educational programs generated from live national webinars. See Global Patient Safety Forum and SafetyLeaders for more.