Our CareUniversity Purpose

We will measure our success by how we protect and enrich the lives of families. We articulate this purpose in terms of the center of our focus; the character we seek to embody; the contribution we seek to make to the world; the message we seek to communicate; and the communities we serve.

Our Center: The CareUniversity Vision

We are dedicated to accelerating adoption of new lifeline behaviors that save lives, save money, and build value in the communities of families we serve.

Our Contribution: The CareUniversity Mission

We measure our success by how we protect and enrich the lives of families through innovations that save lives, save money, and deliver value to the communities we serve.

Our Communication: Our Message

We seek to “live our values” through innovations that are centered on bringing good things to the lives of families of companies, caregivers, and consumers of healthcare and wellness. We must be a role model of our values in all we do, and dedicate our work to the service of others.


Our Character: CareUniversity’s Values

We try to “live” our values each and every day. We believe it is critical that we do so within our organization, with our partners, and publicly.

  • Integrity: Honesty is core to everything we do and to every project, program, or collaboration we undertake.
  • Compassion: The best expression of what we believe to be compassion is that we must practice the “Golden Rule” without exception, personally and as a business organization.
  • Accountability: We are accountable to our values, our mission, and our commitments, and to the consumers, patients, and partners we serve.
  • Reliability: We believe in the reliability science and strive to continually improve our systems and processes that are the engine that provides the value we generate to all we serve.
  • Entrepreneurship: Our performance and innovation in social and commercial entrepreneurship must save lives, save money, and create value in the communities we serve.
  • Leaders drive values and values drive behaviors, and the collective values of an organization are its culture. We seek to maintain a culture that embodies these values powered by faith and services of others. Every employee is expected to behave consistently with this code.

Our Communities Served: Consumer Families and Caregivers

We seek to work only with business partners who have values consistent with ours. We seek to work by building communities of practice to help families of healthcare consumers AND caregivers adopt new lifeline behaviors. We do so in partnership with world-class innovators who personally embody our values. We serve those communities through the processes of convening, connecting, celebrating, and co-creating, which results in changing the world for the better. By leveraging the common cause we will help convene innovators; connect them in collaborative networks; celebrate their gifts and contributions; help them co-create through innovation; and help them measure the changes they have made in their own systems and the great sphere of the world.

An Opportunity for Safer Healthcare and Saving Lives

The CareUniversity® Team, led by HCC Corporation and TMIT, is committed to promoting patient safety and preventing medical harm by developing educational resources including online courses, multimedia, webinars, documentaries, and articles. CareUniversity® is the platform to deliver those training resources to family caregivers, medical professionals, board members of medical organizations, and even kids.

This program is a global initiative that embodies the principles of “accountable care.” The knowledge, skills, and competencies that learners acquire will help them minimize overuse, underuse, and misuse of their healthcare. CareUniversity® also provides professional certification, certificates, and maintenance of certification programs for medical professionals and board members of healthcare organizations.